Setting up LightSync
Now that you have the LightSync tab enabled, we can start setting it up.

Connecting to the Slaves

In the LightSync tab, click Connect under Master control in order to establish a connection with the slaves included in the LightNet cluster.
If there are other computers in the LightAct network that are not included in your LightNet cluster, click Connect on each slave in the cluster individually instead.
Good to know: If you have by mistake connected to some unwanted machines, you can simply click Disconnect and repeat the connection process.

Beginning a sync session

All your machines have now been connected to LightSync. To begin with the frame-accurate sync, click Begin sync session.
You can now interact with all the features LightSync has to offer. This will allow for frame-by-frame actions taken on the master to be executed on the slaves as well.
Good to know: This does not apply to actions such as transferring assets which is what LightNet is for. In the case of wanting to include more assets in your project in order to work with them in LightSync, you would have to add the assets to the master, open the LightNet window and Transfer and Open Project again.
When you are done using LightSync features, click End sync session and then choose Disconnect.
In this state, slave machines will no longer follow the updates of the master machine until a connection and a sync session are formed again.
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Connecting to the Slaves
Beginning a sync session