We’ve explained how values are transferred from one node to the next with the help of node connections. But to take value transfer to another level, you'll need to use variables.
There are different types of variables.
Almost every connection type has a corresponding variable type represented by the same color.

Using Variables in Layouts

Drag a variable on the layout either by dragging and holding shift which skips the popup menu, or by dragging and dropping, which brings up a menu where you can select either a Getter or a Setter node.

Getter and Setter Nodes

  • Getter node is used to get the current value of a variable
  • Setter node is used to set the current value of a variable

Types of Variables

In LightAct, there are two different types of Variables:
  • Layer variables and
  • Global variables.
Good to know: use layer variables to adjust values inside one layer and global variables to transfer data between layers.

Layer Variables

Layer variables are accessible either by the Layer Properties window on the right side of the timeline when we click on a layer
or from the Layer Layout window when we double click on a layer.

Global Variables

We can access Global variables from the Layer Layout window. They are useful when we want to transfer variable values across multiple layers.

Example of using Global Variables

For example, if we want to control the opacity of two video layers with just one global variable we create one by pressing the + icon in the Global variables window
You can choose from a selection of variables. Let's chose the Float variable for this tutorial.
It is a good practice, to give your variables descriptive names, so let's rename it to Opacity and change it's value.
Now when we open another video layer we can see that under Global Variables there is the Opacity float variable we created on another layer with the same values.

Controlling Variables with DMX, OSC or Curves

A lot of variable types can be controlled with either Curves, DMX or OSC.
To enable that, click on the appropriate icon to the right of the variable.