Below we list some common problems and issues.

No texture on LightAct's side

The causes could include:
  • BP_TextureShare_Scene works only when played in Editor. It doesn't seem to work when .uproject is launched with nDisplay command.
  • Texture Share plugin is not enabled.

Texture is available, but it's wrong

The causes could include:
  • Thrower2UCam and Projector2UCam workflow relies on Unreal cameras being a perfect match to LightAct's throwers or projectors. It has been observed that Player start actor can mess up nDisplay viewports, because it moves the entire nDisplay configuration.

nDisplay instance isn't launched

  • Check that you have nDisplay plugin enabled.
  • Check that you are using the correct version of Unreal Engine and LightAct plugin. Also check that you've enabled all required plugins.